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New Ultra Wide Band Antenna - 1710-2690 MHz


By introducing a revolutionary new design philosophy, CellMax has developed a technology that eliminates power loss within the antenna, resulting in significantly higher radiated RF power in the cell.



Improved Coverage

  • + 2dB better UL and DL signal level comparing with a traditional antenna of the same length
  •  Improving indoor and outdoor coverage
  •  With an improved high band, traffic moves from, an often congested, low band     to high band where often more spectrum is available

Improved Capacitiy and Throughput

  • Taller antennas have smaller vertical lobes but longer feed networks which introduce more RF losses.
  • CellMax can with it’s low-loss feed network build taller antennas without loosing energy.
  • Smaller Vertical Lobes Significantly:

Improve CellBoarder coverage levels

  • Minimize interference to first neighbors
  • Drives CINR hence capacaity and throughput

Industry Leading Quality

  • With extremely low failure rate, CellMax is the leading quality supplier in the world of Antennas and RETs
  • The large dimensions and the lack of solderings in the CellMax antenna ensures extremely good Passive Intermodulation suppression >160 dBc
  • Secures maintained UL sensitivity