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Most Efficient Ultra Wide Band Antennas

CellMax most efficient ultra wide band antennas are unique in their performance and set a whole new standard in network design. The unique technology doubles the energy efficiency compared to a conventional antenna.  

Ultra Wide Band Antennas - 1710-2690 MHz

  • Same size and weight as traditional antennas
  • +2 dB gain for same length as traditional antenna
  • No cables!
  • No solderings!
  • Fully RoHS compliant
  • Exceptional PIM performance, -160 dBc typical
  • No post tuning guarantees same antenna pattern for each produced item and that the customers will get what they pay for!
  • 4.3-10 connectors
  • Typical 93 % efficiency!


Improved Coverage

+ 2 dB better UL and DL signal level comparing with a traditional antenna of the same length

  • Improving indoor and outdoor coverage
  • With an improved high band, traffic moves from, an often congested, low band   to high band where often more spectrum is available

Improved Capacitiy and Throughput

Taller antennas have smaller vertical lobes but longer feed networks which introduce more RF losses. CellMax can with it’s low-loss feed network build taller antennas without loosing energy. Smaller Vertical Lobes Significantly:

  • Improve CellBoarder coverage levels
  • Minimize interference to first neighbors
  • Drives CINR hence capacaity and throughput

Industry Leading Quality

  • With extremely low failure rate, CellMax is the leading quality supplier in the world of Antennas and RETs.
  • The large dimensions and the lack of solderings in the CellMax antenna ensures extremely good Passive Intermodulation suppression >160 dBc
  • Secures maintained UL sensitivity

Exceptional PIM Performance

By introducing a revolutionary new design philosophy, CellMax has developed a technology that eliminates power loss within the antenna, resulting in significantly higher radiated RF power in the cell.