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Connectivity Solutions

Rosenberger offers reliable and customizable RRH connectivity solutions

With the increasing number of RRHs on sites, co-sharing and new frequency bands considerations should be given to the best choice of connectivity solution.

Existing Sites: With numerous RRHs, base station antennas, TMAs and a forest of cables installed sites are becoming crowded, even over crowded and deployment of additional equipment can be a challenge. Fiber and power cable consolidation is therefore becoming more and more the obvious way forward.

Green Field Sites: With the experience already gained today with regard to existing sites installed the chance to consolidate is present from day one.

Consolidation and optimization of fibers at sites could mean trunk multifiber and multipower solutions either boxless or with a box, with or without jumpers, with outdoor connectors or just with standard LC connectors as well as extension of existing discrete fiber optic lines.