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Passive DAS - POI

Modular POI

Modular POI is a passive system that used for multi-input and multi-output. It can combine different operators and system s into the same DAS with high isolation and low PIM interference. Benefited from advanced  modular design, operators can upgrade their systems easily.

Rosenberger released the modular POI to solve some upgraded problems during the LTE deployment. It is designed with modular cabinets which is easy to change and update. If the operators upgrade their systems, there is no need to change the whole POI, but just upgrading the relative modular can solve the problem. The field installation is very easy because of the “Plug and Play” design between the modular and the POI system.


  • Easy upgrade  
  • 4.3-10 interface
  • Excellent PIM performance
  • PNP (Plug-and-Play) modular inside;
  • Customized frequency band
  • Better same band isolation
  • Higher power handling