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PIM Site Analyzers

PIM Site Analyzer alpha

Band-specific PIM Site Analyzers belong to the past. Forget the headaches related to changing network infrastructure or new upcoming mobile bands. There is one future-proof model ready to support all kinds of mobile network infrastructure with a copper or fiber interface. 


PIM Test Solutions for all Applications

High-speed data transmission in today’s global mobile communication networks demands high efficiency of network infrastructure. Passive Intermodulation (PIM) in a network can cause serious interferences and significantly degrade the network quality and impact KPI figures.

The cause of Passive Intermodulation is very complex and uncertain. It can be caused by low-grade transmission line components or even loose connectors, dirty surfaces, magnetic materials or the surrounding environment like a rusty roof. As a global leader of RF connectivity solutions, Rosenberger has a strong expertise in manufacturing of Low-PIM components as well as PIM T&M solutions for Site Testing.