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Rosenberger offers a complete range of 50 Ohms coaxial cables, from 1/4" to 1 5/8"

The cable range provides best in-class electrical and mechanical performance:

  • Low Attenuation
  • Low VSWR/RL
  • Complete EMI shielding to minimize system interference
  • Outstanding PIM performance
  • High Power Rating

The cable construction is similar for all cable sizes: Inner conductor, foam dielectric, outer conductor and outer jacket. The inner conductor is made of a copper clad aluminium wire and a smooth or corrugated copper tube dependent on cable size. The use of high conductivity copper guarantees excellent low-loss performance. The foam insulator consists of a mixture of low dielectric polyethylene – melted and extruded utilizing an insert gas injection process. Low density, close and homogenous cell dielectric contributes to further excellent low-loss performance and minimized risk of water penetration. The outer conductor is made of copper and has a longitudinal weld that provides high quality screening and a tight bending radius.

The cables are available as standard with either a PE jacket for outdoor installations or in a flame retardant and halogen-free version to comply with indoor requirements for health and safety (IEC 60332).